The Green Trading Cards "Store" is your first port of call for new release cards and antique rare cards.

Regular Store:

Click the tab marked “store” once inside the store you will see a page of cards, these cards are the cards available at that store change time. You can find gold, silver and if you have enough green bucks sometimes diamond cards.


Your allowed 3 cards of each – this is to help limit the number of cards on single player has and to make the game fair.


Antique Store:


This is where you can buy the rare antique cards that are hard to locate or are often expensive in trade. There is just one page of antique cards, these cards range from silver, gold and like the above if you have enough green bucks diamond cards. Again, you’re limited to three of each card.


Tip for new users: Buy cheap rare cards like lighting number 1, or number 3 and sell for higher green bucks! These cards can easily fetch 5,000 green bucks each and cost only a fraction of that!


Buying full sets:


You can buy full sets of cards using PayPal which is a easy to use internet banking system that is safe and secure. You don’t need a major credit card to purchase items with PayPal simply a bank account or debit card will suffice. PayPal is resisted in the  European Union and is secure and safe to use.

To buy full sets simply click on the link Buy Full Sets and it will take you there.

Sets are available for purchase on the second day after the set is released in the store. Proceeds from the sales will be used to support green trading cards and a portion will go to Conservation International.  

  •     Silver Set: $5.00 (Limited Edition Silver Set is $10)
  •     Gold Set: $10.00 (Limited Edition Gold Set is $20)
  •     Diamond Set: $50.00



There is also the option to donate and get a nice amount of green bucks in return. Just click the Donate button for more detailed information.